• back in the day, john parker's classic once a runner took us into the culture of elite track runners. then there was born to run by chris mcdougall, an enthralling tale of the world's best ultra-marathoners. now we have laurence graham's delightful, compelling story of competition, friendship and romance within a local running club. hohas in love is a must read for anyone who has ever run a race or fallen in love.
    — george a. hirsch, chairman of new york road runners and former worldwide publisher of runner's world
  • there are countless books about how to run a marathon or a faster 5k, but hohas in love is the first book i've found that takes us inside a small running club and tells the story of our daily running lives. a wonderful novel about why we run, and more importantly, about why we run together.
    — madeline bost, new jersey running columnist,
  • hundreds of running books have dashed off the presses since the sport started to boom in the 1970s. too few, however, have reached past the how-to's and into what moves runners to go long in distance and years. fewer still take a novelist's look at running. that's one reason, and not the only one, why laurence graham's hohas in love is a special read.
    — joe henderson, longtime running columnist and author
  • our running lives are a tapestry of all the people we meet, the clubs we are part of, and our running adventures. hohas in love weaves the stories of coach, a dream, the people who are the hohas, and, yes, love. once the story began, i couldn’t stop reading. we are finally treated to a book that captures the essence of runners and also their clubs, and weaves it all together into our tapestry, one that runners can relate to. thank you laurence graham!
    freddi carlip, editor/publisher runner's gazette,
  • the experience of reading hohas in love is the next closest thing to hitting the roads and trails with your local running club. it truly captures the spirit of camaraderie that makes the sport of running so special and hits home with its true-to-life tales of the power of even one shared run to turn strangers into lasting teammates and friends.
    lauren johnston, “running dialogue” running blog, running dialog
  • running has always been a metaphor for life, but never captured with such emotion as hohas in love. any runner will be drawn in to the characters, relating and now wondering what they don't know about the partners with whom they have shared so many miles.
    amanda brooks, top 5 running blog,
  • hohas in love speaks to the strong bond and lasting friendships between members of a running club. to a non-runner, it's hard to explain, but that time once a week that you run with your buddies is a special time indeed. i found myself and many of my running buddies within the pages of hohas. you may not learn how to set a marathon pr, but the contents of this book will take you deeper into the minds of runners than any plan could ever do.
    thad mclaurin "runner dude", running coach and host of
  • quirky, warm and humorous. if you like running, you’ll love this book.
    cathy white, jogblog running blog,

about the author

i am a corporate writer and a dedicated runner. i am grateful to have been able to run over 24,902 miles thus far, one forrest gump-like lap of the earth. many of those miles were fun and many were tough, but i loved and learned from them all.

hohas in love is my love song to the great art of running and my tribute to the many inspiring runners (fast and slow) that i have met along the way. i ran the hohas in love course with all my heart. i hope you enjoy it.

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hohas in love
a novel by laurence graham
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emmitt bean was the founder and coach of the hoboken harriers running club—or the hohas, as the club affectionately came to be known. coach dreamed of a hohas cross-country championship, and he wanted it more than anything else in this life. but life rarely gives us what we want from it—it always gives us much much more.

hohas in love is the story of a dreamer, of the club he founded, and of the runners who joined him with dreams of their own. in their quest for their cherished championship, coach and his star-crossed hohas unexpectedly discover that the lessons of running reveal the secrets of love.

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